Our Approach

It takes more than a big idea to be successful.


The Matcha Design process is not focused on a technical solution. The focus is on understanding the anticipated audience experience by fusing creative with intelligent design practices. It takes planning and shared understanding about the project to make it successful. Most clients learn along with us about what their needs really are. In fact, some of the most valuable features come out of the work process!


Design is not a cookie cutter, one size fits all process at Matcha Design. We dig deeper. In the initial client briefing we’ll talk about your “ideal” client, their preferred experience and your primary marketing message.


We wait to conceptualize the design of your project until after we fully understand your purpose and goals. Only then do we choose how we will leverage the best technologies and creative strategies to achieve your design projects.


At this stage the proposed design is presented to the client along with a functionality brief. Communication is key, as we will work closely together to choose the design that best supports your brand. This collaborative process will give way to an innovative solution specific to your project's purpose.


Here we bring the vision to life! The graphics presented in the previous stage are developed. The technical functionality is developed as needed and we dig down into the trenches of your creative design. Your organization’s story is told.


It is now time for final client review and refinement. In the case of web projects, websites are tested for functionality and compatibility. We perform a final run-through to make sure everything is in place for launch!