What Makes Us Different

Matcha Design is passionate about their clients. The Tulsa, OK based creative firm has earned their reputation of design mojo and impeccable service through years of award winning design since 2004.


Where other design shops focus only on current trends in direct to consumer e-commerce or pushing out the same pre-rendered media for small businesses — Matcha employs the same goal driven creative, unheard of collaboration, and a client-centric mindset to each of their projects… large or small, locally and internationally, while covering a range of industries and markets

That flexibility comes in handy, because talent and intent are scalable when you put in the work. Whether you’re looking for a one-off design or digital ad creative, a new logo refresh, customized web design, or an entire rebrand Matcha Design has an eye for detail. 

This perspective comes from the direction of Chris Lo, their Principal and Creative Director, who guides the Matcha team to think of things a little deeper, and from the view of art and design. 

Building Brand Legacy

When trying to communicate the ideology, purpose, and mission of a business, no part of that brand’s story or history are too insignificant. How existing customers and the general consumer audience  interact, communicate with, and associate with that brand also need to be considered. 

Developing creative and design that matches a brand’s tone and directly speaks to their audience is something that can never be rushed, or duplicated without dedication and effort. That’s why Matcha’s passion for design is so important . It’s what keeps them going, and lets them consistently deliver industry leading quality work to their clients that helps those brands build legacy. 

Like most small creative shops Matcha is the best fit for businesses looking to achieve a fresh, innovative, and disrupting style without being just  another account number on a long list at some Goliath firm. The variables that matter are quality, service, and on-time delivery; something that Matcha’s portfolio and long relationships with clients beautifully illustrate. 

Delivering Value

Taking a look at Matcha Design’s own website, you can see they truly care about their clients, and are in for the long haul. The prominently displayed News & Blog features an unorthodox mix of content.

Pride in your firm’s award history is only natural, but diving into the panels and award ceremonies Matcha has earned accolades in reveals a common denominator that subtly reinforces one of the core commitments of the brand. 

Each of the annual awards Matcha takes home (recurring yearly for decades) are in categories where the firm has competed against some of the best creatives in the business representing brands that are international leaders, and household names.

With each new project Matcha takes on, it’s safe to say those brands can expect creative and design that is ready to be matched up against media on a global scale. 

Providing a Resource & Education

Where you would expect strong messages for promotions or new available packages, Matcha welcomes visitors to their website by prominently showcasing their own clients, and publishing helpful articles like “Why Intent Matters When Choosing a Web Design Firm". From the group up, they’re built to place the best interests of their clients first. 

Furthering the conversation of Matcha Design as a resource, the MD Blog regularly breaks down and deconstructs the elements that go into a good design. Exposing their own process on how to develop some of the best creative available is the very definition of disruptive, particularly for an industry that has for so long kept behind-the-scenes processes as arcane secretes. 

True Client Centric Service

Best in class is a popular phrase, and one that Matcha interprets on multiple levels. Understanding that there is a fine line between artful web design and fine art, the firm deploys original graphics and UI’s that are tailor made for each brand— always crafted to be as intuitive to use as possible, robust, and functional. 

One of the most beneficial results of the Matcha team doing their homework is that it saves clients time. Because their production process places brands at the very center, rigorous industry research is conducted to ensure the finished product is molded around how the client best serves customers. While open communication with clients is done every step of the way, the questions asked are always pertinent, relevant, and work to show why so many regular clients of Matcha place peace of mind in the firm’s abilities

Some tried and true methods are always effective. Attention is always leveraged by word of mouth, which has always been established by the market. Focusing on client driven service, placing importance on brand legacy, and by always delivering the very best work possible Matcha Design is proud that 90% of their new business comes via word of mouth alone. The ROI of working with Matcha is that they treat your brand the same way.