Awards & Achievements

We’ll make your brand stand out from the competition.
Every single time.


Start by trusting a design firm that shines among its own peers! But you don’t have to just take our word for it. That is why we enter competitions internationally, as sort of a self-test. It motivates us to continue to do well and challenge our creative and strategic skills!

Who makes up our competition?

Matcha Design has been recognized among its peers worldwide. Just four of the awards organizations we submit to receive a combined total of 62,000 entries annually! It is a humbling process with all of the jaw-dropping talent out there. The competition is intense, and Matcha Design delivers on behalf of our clients, year after year.

What does it take to win?

First and foremost, creativity gets us in the running, but aesthetics alone won’t cut it. In fact, the ingredients for award-winning designs also drive real life results for our clients. Award-winning designs solve problems by effectively communicating the right message to the right audience.

What is our greatest honor? 

We’ll admit, hanging another plaque on our already crowded walls makes us smile, but award-winning design is a means to an end. What really makes us proud is watching our clients achieve their goals by helping them stand out in their own competitive marketplace!