Google Photos and Small Business

Matcha Design - Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Google has recently thrown its hat into the already crowded ring of photo storage apps. On May 28th, Google Photos - the newest member of the Google family of web apps was launched. Despite the competition, Google Photos has shown itself to be a quality app ahead of its peers.


Stacking Up Against the Competition

Google Photos offers free unlimited cloud-based storage for photos and videos that are 16 MP and below 1080p (Google will conduct a next to lossless compression for oversized images). It’s unlimited storage room and the fact that it is free alone put Google Photos ahead of its competitors such as Amazon Photos, which charges $11.99 a year for truly unlimited photo and video storage.

Google Photos offer multiple useful features that Amazon Photos does not offer such as private auto-organization and keyword searches. Making photo albums will be a thing of the past as photos categorize themselves. Both services do make sharing photos on other services like Facebook and Twitter easy. However, Google Photos rises above it’s peers with image enhancement features. These features will allow the user to create collages, movies, and soundtracks to accompany their pictures. Most importantly Google Photos allows photo uploads that are more fluid and more rapid. However, this will also significantly increased bandwidth usage. Google Photos is clearly a great app for individual's digital life, but what could it mean for your small business?

Small Business Innovation

You have heard that a picture is worth a thousand words, and time is money. Considering how long it takes to say a thousand words verbally how much money could your company save if you let pictures make your sales pitches for you? When you combine Google Photo’s speed and crispness, unlimited storage space, and advanced features you have a powerful money-saving marketing and promotional tool for your small business.

A Google Photos account dedicated to your small business can give you an edge over competitors. All your product photos can be organized and categorized. Instructional illustrations can be pulled up easily and efficiently in a tech support session. Another noteworthy feature is their photo collage tool, where you can quickly showcase a collage of images and share it on Facebook. More importantly, Google Photos is supported and synchronized across all major platforms and devices.

Don’t already have custom high-quality photos that can showcase your business’s products and services on Google Photos, your company website or marketing materials? Give Matcha Design a call. Their experienced team can provide you with professional Illustrative Photography that highlights the unique aspects of what your products and services possess to help you stand out in your industry.

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