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Matcha Design - Wednesday, September 5, 2012

This past month I experienced my very first Matcha Design commercial photo shoot. BlueSpeed, an Oklahoma company specializing in home and commercial automation and lighting design, requested pictures of their technology work. We traveled to a beautiful home near Bixby, Oklahoma and started by surveying the home to determine the best areas and technology to shoot. Each room had to be meticulously arranged to make sure every detail was in place and every pillow, book or remote control was touched. Clutter was cleared, props brought in and technology prepped to create the perfect storytelling visual. 


One of my biggest take aways from the shoot was the importance of light. Lighting is everything when it comes to photos and can be the difference between a good photo and a great photo. One small lighting change (or mistake) can make the photo look completely different, so having a photographer and set crew who knows how to "paint light" is pivotal.

After the photo shoot we selected the best shots for BlueSpeed's web project they are currently building with Matcha Design. The photos were already amazing, but we needed to put on the final touches in Photoshop. We added warm flames to the fireplaces, images to the television screens, lighting to nearby lamps and candles, and deleted unwanted items and floor blemishes.

It was amazing to see the client's reaction when he saw the photos on the set and after post. In that moment, you could tell he really understood why our team took the time to make sure everything in the shot was perfect and lighting was in place before clicking the button on the camera. 

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