Sullivent Law Firm Branding Campaign

When Tulsa-based Sullivent Law Firm came to Matcha Design in need of a rebranding campaign, we knew the challenge would be more than just adding a little rouge to the metaphorical cheekbone that was Sullivent’s current style at that time.


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Identity Design

We set out to make Sullivent’s brand and website more intuitive, personal, and streamlined. We achieved this by first creating a sophisticated “S” at its focal point. The slitted S design was done in a neutral white and then married to a beautiful aquamarine hue. This color scheme allows for the logo design to remain simple, yet glorified. We say glorified because aquamarine is an uplifting color and legends say that aquamarine is the treasure of mermaids. The tone of aquamarine is said to keep sailors safe at sea and its powers are strengthened when immersed in water, calming the waves. When one is in search of legal aid it’s usually because of some upheaval in their life and they want to know that their matters are in good hands. The aquamarine shade is relaxing and inviting, and yet denotes authority and pride.

Next, we packaged this design in a perfect cube to represent order and rationality, the prudence one would want to see when judgements that could affect one's life are being made. We wanted to help owner, Tom Sullivent, design a look that represented his personality and that also boldly stood out from what his competitors were doing in his market.

During the design process a second, more personal brand logo emerged for Tom, for his philanthropic involvement in Tulsa’s art community, using a custom designed silhouette of his profile that creatively fuses to the “v” in Tom’s last name. We like to think of it as a smart way of using typography that is integrated into a hand drawn image that was sketched from a picture we took of Tom. It’s a great way to introduce a personality and personal brand while giving the audience a face to register to the name.

Web Design & Development

For the website build, a temporary page was designed while the master website remained under construction; both utilized the all new logos and custom on-location photography produced by Matcha’s design team. When it came to tying it all together we decided to anchor the website with a bold, yet warm tone, blended with inviting textures and matching hues. Every detail was considered. From text, to borders, even the team’s wardrobe. We then partnered all of this with Sullivent’s new social media accounts and e-newsletter template to further enhance their online communications and brand presence.

The ultimate result was a growable rebranding campaign with a clear message, boldly speaking logos, rich and cohesive elements, a user-friendly and responsive website; the perfect vehicles to drive the success of our client’s business to a new-level.

Left: Temporary website / Right: Social Media Branding

On-Location Commercial Photography


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