Defending Dignity Logo Design

“We are blown away with how Matcha Design brought validity to our organization with this amazing logo! We love it so much!” – Andrea Graver / Director, Defending Dignity


Silver Award

On a mission to facilitate healing and restoration of women trapped by sexual exploitation, Defending Dignity is an NPO that aims to support and reach out to women affected by human trafficking. 

Restoring dignity and strength to women is integral to who they are, and directly referenced in their alliterative brand. The logo features a proud silhouetted portrait within, perhaps protected by, the letter “D”. The face pointing right represents forward progression and hope by following the direction of the reader’s eye. 

Typography is carefully considered for the brand name accompanying the artwork. Elegant choice of font, scale and positioning emphasize the iconic design.

The crown projects a calling of mercy, rescuing those trapped in darkness back into light. Atop the profile of a young woman is a symbol for all the children of God; suffering together and eventually glorified and united as one. These biblical references work simultaneously to support  the brand goals and foster strategically impactful descriptive imagery that evokes an emotional response. 

Optimizing the logo for both color and black/white presentation adds versatility. Over time it can be easily adapted to show solidarity in social movements or engage with audiences that adopt specific colors. 

The principle color of choice is “Living Coral”. The color embodies a natural and nurturing warmth, reminiscent of how coral reefs provide shelter for diverse marine life. Ideal for Defending Dignity, the color promotes positivity and maternal protection. It is also Pantone’s 2019 Color of the Year, specifically noted for sparking human interaction and social connections between our natural and digital realities.  

Collectively these elements work together to provide an accurate and straightforward visual representation of Defending Dignity as a brand, while also developing the best opportunities for audience engagement on digital social platforms; an essential component for modern Non-Profits.


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