Dwight L. Smith Web Design & Development

From a template-based site to a useful marketing tool, this Tulsa attorney’s updated web presence touts a fresh, clean look.

We started this project by taking a close look at the customer’s previous site. Much of the information was usable, but the site design was not. Cramped and generic, filled with blurry snapshots and distracting widgets, we immediately knew that the site detracted from the image of the person it was supposed to represent. We tossed out the old design and created a new sleek, simple, single-page design to make the contents more legible without watering down its message.

The site is a contrast in typography. We used a dark, solid serif typeface for all the main titles, then set that off with a lighter sans-serif for the body text to create exceptional screen legibility. Pull quotes combine italic serif with striking customized photographic backgrounds. The ultimate effect is solid sincerity with a touch of humanity.

As Mr. Smith is the recipient of a number of peer-reviewed awards, we pointed this fact up with big colorful sections concisely explaining the honor and prestige of each award. We worked hard to create a page as bold and impactful as the man himself.

A big part of the site revolves around Mr. Smith's extensive resume. We added a unique sub-navigation system within the resume itself allowing interested parties to visit (or skip) sections as they wish.

We visited Mr. Smith’s office for a custom photography session. These clear, sharp photos of the attorney in his native environment were added to the site’s main “hero” graphic rotator.


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