Home Design Studio Branding & Web Design

Home Design Studio (HDS), a brand new Tulsa based luxury home design & furniture store were in need of an identity and a website to help them get ready for their grand-opening at the end of June, 2014. With little time to spare, Matcha Design had come up with a classy identity design, a custom-made responsive website, & some eye-popping on-location photography.


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Identity Design

When designing the logo for HDS, we kept in mind that “transition design” is highly favored among their target audience and the region. We took a “minimalist” approach to design a logo that can stand against time and be easily implemented into different media. We used an elegant serif typography on the company’s acronym with clean vertical lines in-between each letter replacing the common periods. These lines create a sense of sectioning or compartmentalizing, like the different rooms of a home.

Commercial Photography

A picture speaks a thousand words, especially when it comes to creating a showcase-based website. Our client took us to 7-8 different (occupied) homes in 2 days to capture the essence of their work. Each home is decorated uniquely in a way that fits the home owners' taste.

Unlike photographing in model homes, we coordinated with the homeowners and worked around obstacles to set up each shot while working fast and respectfully to the properties. When natural lighting wouldn't suffice, we stepped it up with our studio lights and we worked tirelessly, striving for perfect angles, unblemished close-ups, and exemplary wide shots. Our hard work is evident in the large and intrepid photos displayed in the gallery section of the website.

Web Design & Development

Having an attractive website is one of the key marketing components on the success of HDS. Though following the “minimalist” design approach, to achieve such a look and feel is far from minimal. We kept the lines simple and classy, letting the detailed photos take precedence. The bold pictures skate across the color wheel from dark to light hues and warm and inviting tones, displaying the great attention to detail each designer gives to every room.

Apart from aesthetically pleasing, the HDS website is user-friendly and intuitive among all platforms. Building a responsive website that showcases images is challenging due to the limitation of the real-estate on different mobile devices. We came up with an unique way to display the home as well as the gallery images to maximize the use of the real-estate.

So whether viewing the website on a desktop, tablet, or mobile device, the ease of navigation is never an issue. It's a design that is sexy, yet simple and gets straight to the point.


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