Hoover Recruiting Web Design & Development

A recruiting company needed a sleek, responsive website which addressed the concerns of both professionals seeking a position and companies looking for applicants. Matcha Design delivered beyond their expectations.

This website uses an expansive motif which combines striking full-width images with smaller blocks of large, clear text. We included several screen areas with parallax scrolling backgrounds for extra visual interest. These are interspersed with easy-to-read areas of white text on a background of “Hoover blue.” On larger screens, the top navigation bar and phone number always stay in the user’s view as he scrolls down the screen. We chose the sans-serif Lato typeface for its highly legible yet slightly “techie” look, perfect for a technical recruiting firm.

The site is fully responsive and scalable between widescreen monitors and the smallest cell phones. To ensure the greatest compatibility, our team programmed six different “break points” into the design, corresponding to most popular varieties of desktop, laptop, tablet, and phone screens. We also took careful consideration of the limitations of numerous operating systems and devices. This ensures that the site looks and works well no matter what device it’s displayed on.


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