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Logo and Identity Design

The Legal Docs logo was designed to be modern, iconic, and easily recognizable. A thick concrete-gray box surrounds a file icon, suggesting solidity and security, but a sweeping red "flap" opens out the top of the box, indicating both freedom and a "breath of fresh air." Taken together, these elements suggest that Legal Docs Depository is not merely a place to file papers away, but also gives customers new options to access their documents in unique ways.

The typeface amplifies the sense of solidity and strength in sturdy red and black letters, but brings a modern spin with a more elegant, new century-style font. The thin line separating the upper and lower sections gives the casual reader a subtle eye line for better brand retention; where the full name "" may be a little too long to retain at first glance, "Legal Docs" by itself is much more memorable.

Adding ".com" directly in the logo helps further indicate that the service has an integral online component, which helps differentiate the brand from other similar services.


The website design begins where the logo lets off, using many of the same design elements -- the sweeping red "swoosh," the strong gray, red, and black color scheme, the modernist typeface -- for much the same effect. Hearkening back to the folded corners of the documents in the Legal Docs logo, many elements also have a cut-corner look. Evolving from these elements, the site gains an identity of its own.

At our customer's request, we designed the site to be responsive between desktop, tablet, and phone browsers. At its full width, the site demonstrates a memorable off-center design which collapses smoothly and attractively to smaller screens without losing any semantic content or brand recognition.

Most eye-catching are the custom transitions. Hovering the mouse or tapping on many elements will trigger a subtle motion effect, from the hidden search bar to the "slideways" animations for social icons. The sharp-eyed customer may also notice the side navigation bar assembling and disassembling itself as they move between pages. While not always spectacular, these small lively touches help keep the visitor engaged as they travel through the site.

As we approached the site design, we realized that our customer had provided us with a number of pages containing long text passages. We knew that some of the concepts might be a little esoteric for customers to grasp. Consequently we built interactive graphics designed to help customers visualize (and remember) things like Legal Docs' unique volume-based pricing structures. Another interactive element helps explain the Legal Docs storage strategy in clear, easy-to-understand, brief animated sequences.

Where motion graphics just wouldn't do, we added a number of concise explanatory videos to help ease non-technical customers into potentially confusing portions of the site, like the Document Viewing Service and free attorney review. In this way, we took what could have been tedious pages fraught with confusing passages and converted them into attractive multimedia elements.


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