Level 3 Holiday Greetings Animation 2014

Level 3 Holiday Greetings Animation 2014
Level 3 Communications approached us to create a brief holiday animation in five languages. By combining visual metaphors for gift giving, fiber optic communication, global data, and interconnectivity, we brought their ideas to life.


Davey Awards
Silver Award
Gold Award

The animation begins with a festive gold gift box opening to reveal a spray of fiber optics and the message "Season's Greetings." The fibers resolve into a globe formed from points of light as the names of cities containing Level 3 offices flash by. The Level 3 logo then appears, fading through to a spinning globe which expands into a mesh of interconnected data points as the slogan "Connecting & Protecting the Networked World" fills the screen.

We produced four additional versions of this video for Level 3's international locations, replacing "Season's Greetings" with its equivalent phrase in German, Spanish, Portuguese, and French.


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