Level 3 Video Cloud Microsite

As Level 3 Communications prepared to launch a cloud-based solution that moves, stores and delivers broadcast and internet video on a global scale, they came to us to develop a website which could explain this high-tech service in a clear, easy-to-understand manner.


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Website Design and Development

Level 3 Communications was about to launch their new Video Cloud Services, a suite designed to support video content delivery, and needed a website to help explain this new concept to customers. Level 3 approached us after a unsatisfactory attempted biaa. We set to work on completing the project to the customer’s satisfaction.

The core of the site concerns nine different categories of Level 3's new Application Technology. Each category includes an interactive infographic, a video, and text content, as well as a case study PDF for download. We also included an interactive Connectivity Map with location search, dynamic filters (with up to eight options), and a full listing of service locations.

After considering the complexity of Level 3’s new service, we knew we would have to create a method to introduce new technical concepts to a user in an organic fashion. Site visitors are greeted by the Video Cloud Story, a custom interactive infographic which outlines, in a clear and simple way, each of the nine categories. Selecting a category across the top automatically highlights all of the services and endpoints for that category in the process map graphic below. Large customized icons help visually introduce each service to the user. One of the larger challenges was to create icons which not only represented complex and abstract services, but also worked over a background which changes from light to dark so the interface works seamlessly while keeping the overall corporate brand style in mind. Users may select any service right on this page to read a concise explanation of its concepts, or continue into the site to view the informative videos, PDFs, and in-depth explanations for each category. All text, videos, and documents were carefully examined and sometimes rewritten to ensure a consistent call to action.

The “Next Gen Blog” section pulls information from the main Level 3 site and organizes it to fit the current site’s requirements.

The Connectivity Map was by far the largest workpiece on this site. A custom dynamic application backed by an enormous database, this searchable map displays Vyvx Network service locations worldwide. Users can filter their search by service type, and scale the map to view nearby locations. We also developed a custom backend so Level 3 could keep the map up to date. Since many Level 3 customers and employees view the site on tablets rather than PCs, we made sure the map, along with the rest of the site, was tablet friendly as well.


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