The Maison Group Website

The Maison Group is a home building and restoration service dedicated to restoring historical homes to their former glory and beyond. Describing everything they do as "timeless elegance," they trusted Matcha Design to create a website built to their principles.


Merit Award

The first thought to strike a visitor to the Maison Group site is "simplicity." The minimalist site, using a color scheme of mostly dark grays, consists of only three sections. Large images are unadorned with superfluous borders. Each page features their award-winning logo at the top of the page and a small footer at the bottom, creating a two-toned effect.

This simplicity is deceiving, however. The site has been carefully designed to step aside and let the images speak for themselves. The home page consists almost entirely of a large "hero" slideshow, demonstrating the cream of the crop of the Maison Group's recent work. Compared to the dark background, the white text and large, bright, clean images seem to leap out at the viewer. Since we knew photos provided by the customer wouldn't necessarily fit the exacting size of the home graphic, we developed three different layouts designed to combine photos provided by the customer and display them in a consistent yet attractive manner with a minimum of white space.

The Portfolio page is a particular highlight. This page presents the viewer with a number of style "frames," each containing a slideshow of examples from the Maison Group's extensive portfolio. This section is built upon a number of custom-coded components which fit together like clockwork, thus being a classic example of complexity in service to simplicity.


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