RSI Envelopes Website Design & Development

Tulsa based Response Solutions Website Redesign by Matcha Design
Response Solutions, Inc. came to Matcha Design with a partially completed web design and asked us to work out how to finish the project. We went far beyond their expectations.


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Response Solutions, Inc. (RSI) has earned its reputation as a trustworthy partner of businesses with custom envelope needs nationwide. RSI maintains a network of paper suppliers, envelope manufacturers and printers who can produce anything from the standard business envelope to one-of-a-kind designs with special substrates or dyes.

Web Design & Development

Before we became involved, the customer had contracted a site from another firm. Unfortunately, the site they would up with was not user friendly, difficult to navigate, full of redundant information, and – worst yet – their contractor left before it was finished, leaving RSI high and dry with an unlaunched site and many regrets. One of Matcha Design's customers recommended us to help them out, they contacted us, and that's when we went to work.

Our first priority was to win the customer's trust. We knew how difficult it is to have a major project fall apart, especially something as integral to a business as their website. To establish our bona fides we tweaked their logo, increasing font size for legibility, improving font choice and kerning, adjusting the boomerang graphic to make it pop more and integrate better with the type, and adding italics for a better sense of turnaround speed.

This was the customer's actual response: "I will be honest with you, when I first opened your email last night, I said to myself, WTF! I absolutely hate this logo. What have I gotten myself into? However, the more I look at this logo, the more I start to LOVE it. I have shown it to a couple of people and they love it too. I think I had my first reaction because it was so much different than what I had. I am really looking forward to seeing what you come up with for the redesign of the website. I think it is going to be great!"

Above: The result of the Response Solutions identity redesign. Keeping the basics of the original design intact, this new design accentuates the quality and professional nature of the company along with more finesse in the lines and typography.

Trust established, we started looking at the site proper. Since RSI creates and sells custom envelopes, we knew we had to present a dizzying array of options to the end user in a way that would not overwhelm them. Their unlaunched site was cumbersome and difficult to navigate. We took a step back and considered the problem from the user's point of view. We researched the market, interviewed actual customers, and found better ways to organize the information in a way that made sense to people who were looking for a particular product. Each envelope type now had several entry points, reflecting our study into the various ways customers search for information about envelopes.

We took the text from the previous site and thoroughly rewrote it to be more fluid, readable, and SEO friendly. Large buttons provided clear calls to action. An exhaustive A-to-Z glossary of technical terms ensures that RSI and their customers were on the same page. Every envelope type now had a complete description and plenty of informative diagrams. Finally, we added a large gallery of existing products for inspiration.

Their original customer inquiry form was exceptionally large and complex. Based on customer feedback, we pruned it back to the essentials while still giving visitors all the flexibility they needed to make their wishes clear. Tips scattered throughout the site help spur visitors toward solutions they may not have thought of before they visited.

The site benefits from a crisp, classic color palette of white and slate, using the crimson color of RSI's logo for links and accents. The design is modern but not corporate, informative but not boring. Everything – logo, color, typeface, and layout – comes together to reinforce brand consistency.


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