Trojan Pride Rose Parade Identity Design

When the Jenks, Oklahoma High School Trojan Pride Marching Band was invited to participate in the 2016 Rose Bowl Parade, they wanted to mark the occasion with a superlative logo. "WOW, there is so much to love about this logo." - Jenks Trojan Pride


Silver Award
Bronze Award

Starting with the school colors of maroon and white, we added the black of the band’s uniforms, plus gold to highlight the school’s winning spirit. Red roses with bright green leaves complete the colorful package. Our first design included the official Tournament of Roses logo, but last-minute changes by the tournament’s rules committee required us to replace them with a similar but distinct original drawn rose motif.

As is standard in the industry, we provided our clients with two different choices. Unexpectedly, they told us they loved both designs so much, they wanted to use both of them!

Both logos were designed to be clean and easy to reproduce in any medium. On the first, a “swoop” of gold and crimson  suggests both a championship ribbon and the letter “J” for Jenks. The second uses concentric circular elements to mimic any number of sound motifs: sound waves, records, CDs, etc.

We finish with a quote from the clients themselves: “WOW, there is so much to love about this logo. I really like the outside shape, the nod to the Trojan Pride logo font, the round shape that echoes the Tournaments of Rose logo, the hat and plume. I am definitely smiling (and doing the happy dance)!”


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