Celebrate Recovery Newcomer Video - "I Surrender"

This powerful video was created for the Celebrate Recovery program at Southern Hills Baptist Church in Tulsa, combining a simple narrative of recovery with filmed testimonies of real people in CR.


Davey Awards
Silver Award
Bronze Award
Communicator Awards
Silver Award of Distinction

The narrative begins with a brief vignette of a woman's emotional breakdown and feelings of worthlessness. As she leaves her home in frustration, the cinematography shift to extreme wide shots or shots against large featureless backgrounds, pointing up her sense of isolation. Finally, she turns on her radio and hears the comforting words of the church pastor.

The film then segues into numerous testimonies from Celebrate Recovery participants. Filming shifts from black-and-white to color to denote each member's breakthrough moment. Often, a brief montage shows each member working or interacting happily alongside their fellow CR members.

After the testimonies, the woman from the beginning walks into a CR meeting in progress. There she finds warmth, acceptance and hope, and ultimately peace, to the beautiful strains of the song "I Surrender."

Above: Short Version

The video has been edited to two different lengths. The three-minute version, seen above, was created for use on websites and other promotional purposes. This cut eliminates much of the opening narrative and features trimmed-down versions of the testimony while still retaining the hopelessness-to-hope narrative. The eight-minute version includes a longer opening segment and more detailed testimonies, and was intended for showing during the welcome period at Celebrate Recovery meetings.

Above: Full Length Version


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